11 Reasons Why Do Dogs Need Blankets

11 Reasons Why Do Dogs Need Blankets

Calling all the dog owners out there! Here's the universal truth! 

Your furry companions hold a special place in our hearts for you. But a cherished blanket might be a close second. Forget the chew toys and fancy treats. For some pups, a soft and familiar blanket reigns supreme.  It isn't just about cuddly comfort, though.

Science reveals a fascinating interplay between a dog's natural instincts, emotional well-being, and even physical needs that fuels its love for blankets. This fondness goes far beyond the simple pleasure of softness. In this blog post, we'll explore why dogs need blankets, delving into both psychological and physiological factors. 

We would also explore whether dogs need blankets to sleep, what the materials are, and much more. So stay tuned and keep reading. 

Do Dogs Need Blankets To Sleep?

Have you ever curled up under a cozy blanket on a chilly night? Wonder how much better it would feel if you had fur! While pups may not complain about the cold the way we do, that doesn't mean they don't feel it. So, the question is, do dogs need blankets to sleep soundly?

Like most things in the pet world, the answer depends on your furry friend. Think about their fur. Is it a thick, luxurious coat built for arctic adventures or a short, sleek layer for warmer climates? Both puppies and older dogs tend to feel the cold more quickly. A warm, soft blanket can be a lifesaver on a winter night. 

But blankets aren't just about warmth. They can provide a sense of security and comfort, a familiar scent from home that can ease anxiety during storms or fireworks. A favorite blanket offers a sense of safety and calmness. 

As a result, they become cherished companions and offer a sense of safety and calmness. Especially for puppies who have been through a rough patch, they're a magic wand. A rescued baby will feel safe and loved after curling up with a soft blanket that smells like their new family.

However, not every dog will crave a blanket – There are exceptions. Short-haired breeds or those who naturally sleep sprawled out might prefer a different kind of cozy bed. But for many dogs, a blanket becomes an extension of your love, a silent promise that they're loved. 

So, don't be surprised the next time you see your dog curled up with a blanket. They might dream of belly rubs and adventures with their favorite "hooman" – you!

Is It Safe For Your Dog To Use A Blanket?

Now that you know whether dogs need a blanket, the question is whether it is safe for your pup to use. The short answer is YES! Blankets are a safe and comfy way to enrich your dog's life. They provide much-needed warmth during chilly weather. It is more applicable for short-haired breeds or senior pups who feel the cold more. Beyond warmth, blankets offer a sense of security and a cozy spot to burrow in for naps. Think of it as a giant hug for your furry friend!

However, there are a few things to remember for safe snuggling. First, choose a suitable blanket material. Avoid anything with loose threads or that frays easily. Puppies love to chew, and loose threads can become choking hazards. Natural fibers like cotton or fleece are great options, and they're machine washable for easy cleaning after muddy adventures.

Size matters, too. A small blanket might frustrate your dog if it can't sprawl out comfortably. On the other hand, a massive blanket could be too hot or cause it to tangle. Opt for a blanket that allows your dog to stretch out comfortably but isn't so big that it gets lost in the fabric.

Supervision is critical, especially with young pups. While unlikely, some dogs might try to eat the blanket. During cuddle time, keep an eye on them and remove the blanket if they show any chewing interest.

Finally, remember breathability. You want your dog to be cozy but not suffocated. Avoid using heavy blankets or completely covering them up. If you feel too warm under the blanket, it's not ideal for your dog, either.

With some planning, blankets can be an excellent addition to your dog's life. Yes, different types of dog collars are great. However, this plush accessory can change their life quite pleasantly. They provide warmth, security, and a comfy spot to relax. So go ahead and cuddle up with your pup under a cozy blanket – it's a treat for both of you!

11 Reasons Why Do Dogs Need Blankets

Your dog needs a space to feel comfortable and call their own. So many families have chaotic routines. School, work, household, and daily activities can cause stress. A warm, cozy blanket is an essential thing they need to feel safe and stay calm.

So, before you head on to purchase the best dog blanket for your pup, here is why dogs need blankets:

1. A Blanket Keeps Your Pup Warm And Relaxed 

Have you ever seen your pup shivering on a chilly night? Instinctively, we reach for a cozy blanket to share. But it's more than just keeping them warm.

Imagine yourself burrowing under a soft comforter after a long day. That's the kind of comfort a blanket provides for your dog. It's more than just warmth. Instead, it's a sense of security and familiarity. Remember those puppy piles where siblings snuggled together for comfort? A blanket replicates that feeling of closeness and safety, especially for anxious pups.

Think about it this way. Dogs burrow into dens or thick foliage in the wild for warmth and protection. A blanket provides a similar sense of security, creating a designated "safe space" where they can relax and unwind.

So next time you see your dog curled up with their favorite blanket, don't just see a napping pup. See a contented companion who feels safe, warm, and loved.

2. A blanket gives your dog a comfortable place to nest

There's something undeniably adorable about watching your dog burrow under a blanket. It's a behavior deeply rooted in their ancestry. Before domestication, dogs would den in caves, underbrush, or anywhere they could create a warm, protected space. 

A blanket taps into this instinctual need. It becomes their haven, a place to retreat for a nap or to feel safe and secure. Being enveloped by soft fabric brings back memories of snuggling with littermates in a warm den.

For some dogs, especially incredibly anxious pups or those unfamiliar with your home, burrowing under a blanket can be a calming strategy. It provides a sense of control over their environment, a place to shut out overwhelming stimuli.

Don't discourage your dog if you see them become a furry burrito! It's a natural behavior that brings them comfort and a sense of security. 

3. A Blanket Will keep your dog cozy at night

We all know the importance of a good night's sleep; our dogs are no different. A comfortable bed is essential, but a soft blanket can take their sleep experience to the next level.

Imagine yourself sinking into a plush bed with your favorite blanket. That's the blissful slumber a blanket can provide for your dog. The softness and warmth create a calming environment, encouraging more profound, more restful sleep.

A blanket can be a game-changer for dogs who struggle to settle down at night. The feeling of being swaddled can be incredibly soothing, mimicking the comfort of being with their mother or clan members. It can also help muffle startling noises that might otherwise disrupt their sleep.

We recommend ditching the bare bed and providing your pup with a cozy blanket. You might be surprised by how much better they sleep and how much more enjoyable bedtime becomes for both of you!

4. A dog blanket offers a super comfy way to travel

Anyone who's ever taken their furry friend on a car ride knows the struggle. Excitement, car sickness, and general car wiggles can turn a fun outing into a chaotic mess. Enter the dog blanket!

Car rides, vet visits, or even a trip to the park – new experiences can be overwhelming for our furry companions. The world is full of sights, sounds, and smells that can trigger anxiety in our dogs. A familiar blanket and a fabulously cozy seat, like the Essential Car Seat from LollyPup becomes a beacon of comfort in this sea of unknowns. 

Visualize yourself on a long car trip, the scenery blurring by the window. You clutch your favorite travel pillow, the soft fabric a grounding presence. That's precisely what a blanket can be for your dog. It provides a sense of security, a piece of home they can carry with them.

Curled up in their cozy LollyPup Car Seat haven, the bumps and jostles of travel become less problematic. It's a familiar scent, a soft touch that whispers, "It's okay, I'm here with you." This comfort translates into a calmer, more relaxed travel companion for you and a happier pup. Let them enjoy the new sights and smells that await them at their destination. 

5. It Aids In Reducing Their Stress And Anxiety

Let's face it: our dogs experience anxiety just like us. Loud noises, thunderstorms, and separation can all make them tailspin. In these moments, a blanket becomes their sanctuary. Burrowing under the soft folds creates a haven, a physical barrier that silences the world's din. 

The familiar texture becomes a source of comfort, a grounding presence that reminds them they're not alone. Imagine a child seeking refuge under the covers during a scary movie. That's the kind of comfort a blanket offers your dog. It's a place to retreat, de-stress, and feel safe and protected. 

As their anxieties melt away, a sense of calm washes over them. They emerge from their cozy cocoon feeling more relaxed and ready to face the world again.

It's like a magic trick! A blanket can transform from a cozy nap spot into a personal anxiety shield. Having a designated blanket that your dog associates with calmness can be a lifesaver during stressful situations.

6. A warm, cozy blanket Improves Their Sleep

A good night's sleep is essential for our physical and mental well-being, and the same goes for our furry friends.  A snuggly blanket can make all the difference in ensuring your dog gets the quality sleep they deserve.  Envision your pupper crawling into a warm, comfy bed on a cold night. 

The feeling of being enveloped in softness is pure bliss. That's the kind of comfort a blanket provides for your dog. It creates a warm, inviting nest where they can unwind and drift off to dreamland. 

The gentle weight of the blanket can even be calming, providing a sense of security that allows dogs to relax completely. As your dog sleeps soundly, you can rest assured knowing it's getting the rest it needs to be happy and healthy.

7. It muffles noises and Let Them Unwind

For canines, loud noises from outside, creaking floorboards, or even the pitter-patter of rain can disrupt their slumber. Here's where a blanket becomes a superhero.  That's what the world can be like for our furry companions. With their keen sense of hearing, they pickle up on noises that go unnoticed by us. 

A blanket becomes a magical muffler. It softens the jarring sounds of the outside world. As your dog nestles under its comforting weight, the blanket gently filters out the noise, creating a haven of calm. It's like a warm hug that whispers a lullaby. Picture them, nestled beneath the soft folds, their breathing slowing as the blanket's muffling embrace enables them to finally unwind and truly relax. 

It's a gift of serenity, a quiet land where they can de-stress and recharge for playful adventures.

8. Creates a sense of bonding and enrichment

Have you ever curled up on the couch with a good book, a warm mug of tea, and a furry friend nestled beside you, wrapped in a cozy blanket? It's a picture of pure comfort and contentment. Blankets can become more than just a source of physical warmth for dogs. They can be a powerful tool for strengthening your bond with your furry companion.

Burrowing under a shared blanket with your dog creates a sense of security and closeness. The familiar scent of your blanket, intertwined with your dog's, fosters a feeling of safety and belonging. It's like a physical manifestation of the love and trust you share. Remember how a favorite blanket could chase away nighttime anxieties when you were a child? 

Blankets offer a similar comfort to dogs, especially during times of stress or anxiety, like thunderstorms or fireworks.

Creeping together under a blanket is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your dog on a deeper level. A gentle stroke or scratch behind the ears while you're both nestled under the covers can be incredibly calming for both of you. 

These quiet moments of shared comfort create lasting memories and solidify the special bond both of you share.

9. Easy To Clean as it catches stray hair

Dogs shed! It's an undeniable fact of life for any dog owner. But fear not! The blanket can be your secret weapon in the never-ending battle against fur tumbleweeds rolling across your floor.

A designated dog blanket is a magnet for stray fur, containing the shedding to a specific area. Think about the difference between cleaning up a light dusting of fur on a blanket and vacuuming the entire room! This not only saves you time and effort but also helps to minimize allergens circulating in your home.

It acts like an epic doggy lint roller. Simply toss the blanket in the wash regularly, and voila! Less fur flying around means a cleaner, more allergen-free environment for everyone. This is a win-win situation for both you and your furry friend. 

They get their cozy haven, and you get a cleaner home. It's nothing but a small price to pay for the unconditional love they bring.

10. Blanket Acts As a Soft Padding For Older Dogs

As our beloved canine companions age, their bodies begin to change. They may experience joint pain or stiffness, making it uncomfortable to lie on hard floors. It is where the magic of a soft, supportive blanket comes in.

A plush dog blanket provides a gentle cushion for your senior pup's weary bones. It helps to distribute their weight more evenly, reducing pressure points and offering much-needed relief for sore joints. The ultimate choice is obvious when it comes to the difference between lying on a cold, hard floor and sinking into a luxurious cloud of softness. 

The added comfort of a blanket can encourage your senior dog to rest more comfortably. It promotes better sleep and overall well-being. A small gesture can make a big difference in their quality of life. Your dog deserves to age with more grace and ease. 

Seeing your senior pup curled up contentedly in their favorite blanket is heartwarming. It's a testament to the love and cares you provide.

11. A Dog blanket is the Washing Machine's Best Friend

Let's accept the fact that accidents happen. Maybe your pup got a little too excited after a walk. Or they may still be undergoing potty training. Regardless, a soiled dog bed can be a real hassle to clean. Most dog beds are bulky and cumbersome, requiring special washing instructions or even a trip to the dry cleaners. 

Blankets, on the other hand, are your washing machine's best friend. They're typically lightweight and machine-washable, making cleanup a breeze. It translates to less stress for you and a consistently fresh and inviting spot for your dog to snuggle up. 

Also, the delight they express when they find their favorite blanket clean and smelling fresh is priceless. Once they find out, they will be instantly ready for another round of snuggles and naps. A small act of love makes a big difference in their comfort and peace of mind.

Signs Of Comfort Of Your Dog Under Blankets

Our furry friends come in all shapes and sizes, with just as many preferences for sleep. While some dogs sprawl out luxuriously, others seek the ultimate cozy haven – under the covers. If your pup becomes a taco every chance they get, it's a sign they feel secure and happy. 

Do dogs like blankets on them? Yes, the majority of the dogs do, and it's proven. But how can you tell for sure?  Here are some key signs your dog finds comfort burrowing under the blankets:

1. The Happy Sigh:

Burrowing often leads to pure relaxation for your dog. Watch for those blissful sighs as they settle in under the covers. Its contented exhale is a telltale sign they've found their happy place.

2. Limb Looseness: 

A relaxed dog is a comfortable dog. When your pup burrows under the blankets, observe its body language. Are its legs sprawled out comfortably or tucked tightly under them? Loose limbs signal that it feels safe and secure in its cozy den.

3. Slow Blinks and Sleepy Eyes: 

Does your dog's burrowing lead to dreamy drowsiness? Look for slow, relaxed blinks and droopy eyelids. These signs, along with their love of blankets, indicate that they feel safe and ready for a peaceful sleep.

4. The Snuggle Shuffle: 

If your dog isn't settled under the covers, watch for what they do next. Do they nudge and paw at the blankets, trying to create a perfect little cave? This "burrowing behavior" indicates they're seeking comfort and warmth.

5. Content Grunts and Soft Whines: 

Sometimes, our furry friends vocalize their contentment. Pay attention to soft grunts or low whines as your dog gets cozy under the blankets. These little vocalizations can often be a sign of pure relaxation and happiness.

6. Fast Asleep (and Staying Asleep!):

The ultimate test? How long does your dog stay asleep under the blankets? If they drift off quickly and remain slumbering for a good stretch, it's a vital sign they find the blankets comforting and sleep-inducing.

Which Type Of Blanket Is Best For A Dog?

A warm, soft blanket is a dreamland for our furry friends. It provides them with security, warmth, and a personal space. It's a MUST-HAVE for any pampered pup. With so many options available, picking the right blanket can feel overwhelming. 

We are here to help you with that! The pet products industry is a billion-dollar love affair and vast, too. It would help if you were very specific before diving into it. It's one of the many things to consider when bringing a new puppy home. Check out these critical factors while considering the ideal blanket for your four-legged baby:

1. Material Matters: Prioritize Comfort and Safety

The material of the blanket significantly impacts your dog's comfort and safety. We recommend you opt for soft, breathable fabrics like fleece or cotton. Fleece offers a plush, huggable feel and retains warmth perfectly for chilly nights. 

Cotton is versatile, breathable, and gentle on sensitive skin, making it ideal for year-round use. Avoid scratchy materials or those that fray easily. They can irritate your dog's skin or become choking hazards if chewed.

2. Size It Up: Finding The Perfect Fit

An appropriately sized blanket ensures your dog feels secure and comfortable. A small blanket might need to provide more coverage, while an oversized one can be cumbersome. Consider your dog's breed and size. 

Smaller dogs might snuggle into a throw blanket, while larger breeds might need a queen-sized option. If your dog likes to burrow, choose a slightly larger blanket for maximum coziness.

3. Durability Is Key: Built To Withstand Doggy Fun

Dogs love to burrow, chew, and play with their blankets. Choose a material that can withstand their playful antics. Fleece is a good option for its durability, while quilted cotton blankets offer extra strength with their reinforced stitching. 

Try to avoid delicate fabrics that can rip easily. This can frustrate your dog and lead to potential ingestion hazards. 

4. Washability Wins: Easy Cleaning For Messy Moments

No matter how intensely trained your dog is, the blanket is about to get dirty. Therefore, choose a machine-wash option for easy cleaning. In this regard, fleece and cotton are excellent choices as well. They are washable in cold water and tumble-dried on low heat. 

Choose fade-resistant blankets to maintain their vibrant colors for longer. Your pup won't like changing the blanket frequently, as it creates an emotional bond with it. 

5. Consider Climate: Keeping Your Pup Comfortable All Year Round

Think about your climate when selecting a blanket. For colder regions, choose a thicker, warmer option like a fleece blanket or a wool blend. Wool offers excellent temperature regulation. Nevertheless, be mindful that special care is required when washing. For warmer climates, a lightweight cotton blanket or a cooling mat might be better suited to keep your dog comfortable.

6. Don't Forget The Fun Factor: A Touch Of Personality

While functionality is essential, embrace a touch of fun too! Go for a blanket with a fun pattern or design that complements your canine companion's personality. Is your dog a bit on the calmer side or a very active and playful soul? You can obtain one accordingly. You can even personalize a blanket with your dog's name for an extra special touch.

Fetch Your Customized Dog Blanket Today!

Do dogs love blankets? The answer is YES. Dogs notoriously adore their blankets. Whether on the road or at home, they give them a secure space. No matter your lifestyle, it's an easy investment for every pet owner! Also, your pups deserve the paw-paparazzi treatment according to their personality and lifestyle.

Doodle Couture is the trustworthy place for that! We don't just do ordinary dog accessories. Our blankets are the perfect way to spoil your pup with comfort and style. Trust us, they'll be the trendsetters!

Plus, Doodle Couture's blankets are built to last. Top-notch materials ensure your pup stays cozy for years to come. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your best friend. Visit Doodle Couture today and shop a blanket that's as special as your dog!

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