Step-in Dog Harness vs Adjustable Dog Harness, Which is Best For My Small Dog?

Step-in Dog Harness vs Adjustable Dog Harness, Which is Best For My Small Dog?

If you’ve been browsing for a dog walking set, you have likely come across two types of harnesses: step-in dog harnesses and adjustable dog harnesses.

In our experience, we’ve met dogs that prefer a step-in dog harness and others that prefer an adjustable dog harness.

So, do you have to just take a wild guess and see what your dog likes better? Not at all. Each type of harness is designed to make sure your dog is comfortable and supported.

Let’s dive into what separates the two common kinds of dog harnesses and then talk about which one is the right fit for you and your pup.

The Difference Between A Step-In Dog Harness And An Adjustable Dog Harness

Like the name suggests, a step-in dog harness is one that your dog steps into with both front paws. You’ll then adjust and fasten the harness in the back.

In order for a step-in dog harness to fit securely and snugly, you’ll need an accurate measurement of your pup’s chest. There are also some difficulties with this kind of harness and small dogs may find it easier to slip out of them.

An adjustable dog harness is made to slip around the neck and then be buckled on the sides. With an adjustable neck and chest area, your pup will have a comfortable fit each time and they’ll be less likely to slide out.

Which Harness Is Best For My Small Dog

Some dogs do not like having harnesses put over their heads. If your dog is nervous and finds this kind of harness distressing, a step-in dog harness is likely the best choice.

If your dog doesn’t mind having a harness slipped over its head, an adjustable dog harness is a better choice for both you and your pup.

It’s worth keeping in mind that a step-in dog harness is slightly more complicated to put on. You have to align the harness on the ground first, command your dog to sit (or have someone hold your dog), then slide the harness over the feet before fastening around the back.

An adjustable dog harness slides on easier. And even if you don’t have the exact measurement for your dog’s chest, it’s still possible to get a safe, secure fit.

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