What is a Cute Dog Harness and Why Do You Need One?

If you’ve been looking for cute dog harnesses, we’ve got you and your pup covered.

With the number of options available online for fun prints and customizable looks though, you may be wondering if a cute dog harness is really necessary.

Read on for our five favorite reasons to grab a cute dog harness for you and your pup.

1.   Safety Has Never Looked This Cute

A cute dog harness is all about making sure your pup is secure. It's also important to know how to put on a dog harness, as proper fitting ensures both comfort & safety. 

While the funky prints are an added bonus, it’s important that there’s a dog accessories set that prioritizes your pup’s protection with secure buckles and safety reflectors to make walk time safe.

Note: Ensuring safety and comfort during car rides is also important for your dog. In that case, a DC harness is a better option.

2.   Express Yourselves - Together

One of the many joys of going out on walks with your dog is the time you spend together. With a cute dog harness, you’ve got a new way to bond with your pup. Will you wear something that complements? Do you have something in the same print or fabric?

Set out together and take a few photos for the ‘gram as you cherish your routine.

3.   Part Of A Fun, Fashionable Set

A lot of attention can be paid to just the cute dog harness by itself. With dog harness accessories that are decked out in stars, camo,hearts, and more, there’s a whole dog fashion world to discover.

Where it gets really fun is when you realize that there’s a dog harness store that offers full sets for your pup. Now you can match the dog’s harness with their waste bag dispenser and their rope leash, too.

4.   Stand Out From The Dog Park

You’ve likely become a regular at your city’s dog park. The dogs and dog owners know you - and you know them. With a cute dog harness, you’ll be the buzz of the whole park.

Help your pup stand out as they race from side to side in their fun, fashionable harness.

5.   Because Every Sidewalk Is A Runway

You never know who you’ll meet when you’re out and about on your regular walk. With that in mind, a cute dog harness is a way to make sure no walk is ever completely “regular.” 

With bursts of tye dye color and cute pattern prints like sloths, a cute dog harness is a way to help your dog let out their inner diva. Whether it’s just a quick trip to do their business or a leisurely stroll and brunch, a fashionable dog accessory is a classy way to make every outing into an occasion.

Ready to shop our exclusive cute dog harness and leash collections? Head over to Doodle Couture!

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