Meet our Founder

Lauren Ephrat

As an obsessed dog mom myself, I have made it our mission at Doodle Couture to change the way you think about walking your dog.

Our dogs bring us unconditional love and joy. It only makes sense to strengthen that bond with more stylish and innovative options during the best part of their day.

Our products are meticulously designed and made with the finest fabrics, finishings, and closures available. We promise to elevate your daily walking routine with quality accessories you both will adore.

Thanks for being here. I am grateful to have you on this journey with us.

Meet Cooper

Doodle Couture was inspired by love for one very special mini Goldendoodle named Cooper. Cooper joined our family in 2020 and he has filled our hearts and changed our lives forever.

When Cooper was a puppy, I couldn't find anything stylish for him to use everyday. Everything was either too cutesy or too boring. I wanted something that reflected my own sense of style and was durable enough for everyday use. That desire was the inspiration behind Doodle Couture.

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