Why Use A Harness For Medium-Sized Dogs

Why Use A Harness For Medium-Sized Dogs

Are you a new dog owner wondering whether you should be using a collar or leash for your pup?

We’re here to help. As dog owners, we want the best for our furry friends. From their comfort and happiness to the cute dog accessories they rock, we’re always looking for ways to make them shine.

Still, we know that preparation can take time, and when it’s walk time, our eager dogs just want to be outside, walking, running, and playing. That’s where the temptation to just use a leash and collar comes in!

So before you go out for your next walk, let’s talk about the difference between the two and get into whether your dog needs to wear a harness.

Why Small Dogs And Puppies Should Use A Harness

There’s nothing quite as endearing as seeing a small dog in a cute dog harness. With their wriggly, energetic bodies, it can sometimes be a handful to get them to settle in. 

So, are harnesses best for puppies and small dogs? Can they wear just a collar?

In short, collars are generally not recommended for puppies. While they are eventually a great idea because they are a form of identification, they are a health hazard at a young age. There are workable options, like breakaway collars, but those aren’t ideal for leash-walking either.

Instead, a puppy or small dog should be fitted with a dog harness. A cute dog harness fits around your pup’s torso and chest while keeping pressure off their neck.

Whether you’re training your pup for his first on-leash walks or just have a smaller dog, a harness is the safest option for smaller dogs.

Why Use A Harness For Medium-Sized Dogs

When we’re talking about medium-sized dogs, this refers to ones in the 25 to 50 pound range. With a slightly bigger dog, the risk level with collars is not as high. Still, there are a lot of benefits to having them on a harness. 

They remain a great option to reduce stress and pressure on the dog’s neck. For breeds like bulldogs or pugs that may have respiratory issues, this is an important point.

High-energy medium-sized dogs can be a handful to control. For dogs that are especially active during walks, a harness will give you more control - while still making sure your pup is comfortable and safe.

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