Should I Get A Step-in Dog Harness or Adjustable Dog Harness For My Small Dog?

Searching for the right kind of dog harness for your new dog?

With step-in dog harnesses and adjustable dog harnesses both having their pros and cons, new dog owners know they have an important choice to make. It’s even more important for small dogs, those canines that weigh less than 22 pounds, because their dog harness will have a huge impact on their comfort and safety.

So if you’re looking for a harness that’ll fit your small dog, read on to better understand the right choice for you and your dog.

Step-In Dog Harness or Adjustable Dog Harness For Small Dogs

A step-in dog harness is designed for dogs to step in with their front paws. The harness then fastens securely around their back.

Adjustable dog harnesses, on the other paw, slip around a dog’s neck and are buckled on the sides.

Step-in dog harnesses are often a better fit for nervous dogs that don’t like harnesses put over their neck.

Adjustable dog harnesses include adjustable neck and chest areas, which secure your pup comfortably.

Now, if you have a small dog, which harness should you choose?

The Best Harness Choice For Your Small Dog

There are a few factors that will go into choosing your small dog harness. You’ll want to consider both temperament and size.

If you find that your small dog reacts poorly to having a harness put over its head, then a step-in dog harness will help keep them at ease.

If your small dog is okay having harnesses put over their head, an adjustable dog harness is the ideal way to make sure they’re comfortable and secure when leaving the house.

A step-in dog harness does take more time and patience to put on, as it requires laying out the harness, having your dog sit, then moving the harness past the feet. While you can also have someone help to hold your dog, that does make planning for spontaneous walks more challenging.

With adjustable dog harnesses, a spur-of-the-moment walk is easier. Plus, even if you don’t have your dog’s specific measurements, or if you believe your pup will still put on a few pounds, an adjustable dog harness can be adjusted to always give you that snug fit.

Beyond the comfort and security, there are also plenty of fashion-forward cute dog harness sets that make your daily dog walk even more fun. Check out our selection of dog accessories at Doodle Couture!

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