21 Reasons To Get A Puppy

21 Reasons To Get A Puppy

Humans love to spend time with adorable fur balls or puppies! But, more than that, they get a loyal friend, emotional support, and a constant source of happiness. After all, who does not love a cute furry creature wagging its tail and jumping around to greet after a tiring day at work? Or, see the angelic eyes, cutesy nose, and tiny paws as the first things in the morning every day? All of us, right?

If you have watched movies like ‘A Dog’s Purpose’, or ‘A Dog’s Way Home’ you’ll also probably know why we are writing this today. These movies depicted the unconditional love dogs have for human beings and how they can go to any extent to save, wait, or keep their person happy!

The unbreakable bond between a dog and its owner seen in real life, as well, is something that makes us teary-eyed and heavy-hearted. Lastly, it leaves us wanting to adopt a puppy - a toy-like innocent creature that will grow into a fiercely loyal and lovable dog and give us incredibly joyful moments every day.

There cannot be anything more fulfilling than having a puppy in your life. Limitless love, resilient bonding, constant companionship, and round-o-clock entertainment – you get everything that makes a person’s life better! But is that all? While emotional connection and mental wellness are the first few reasons to get a puppy, this blog will explain many more purposeful reasons.

If you love dogs and thinking of adding one to your family, confidently make a move but only if you are ready to devote your time. Just like a human baby, a puppy needs all the nurturing and care to grow up. Thus, be sure you know all the good reasons to get a dog and are ready for a full-time responsibility!

21 Interesting Reasons To Get A Puppy That Tell How A Furry Friend Enriches Your Life

Having a tiny adorable creature growing up fast in your home is no doubt an overwhelming experience for you.

But that’s not the only reason to get a puppy in your life. If you are planning to adopt this precious creature, read the following section!

Here, we have explained many science-based and proven reasons to get a puppy in your abode.

1. Get a Permanent Companionship

A puppy will be there with you and for you till death! You will have it when no one is there by your side intentionally or due to a circumstance.

Whether you are an introvert without any friends or an outgoing person with big social circles, a puppy will be the only constant companion staying with you, all the time and in all situations.

On all occasions, good days, bad days, and even on your worst days, your pup will be there to snuggle you! Their relentless presence every moment will quash away your sadness or stress any day.

Complexities in human nature and lack of understanding for each other are leading to social isolation and loneliness in most of our lives. While these can lead to depression and anxiety, getting a teeny tiny friend will help you avoid triggering all these and make you feel loved.

When you care for this small pet, and that creature looks up to you for its basic needs, like food and cuddles, it leaves you feeling both wanted and needed. You remain busy taking care of the puppy, like feeding him taking for walks, or playing with it.

Even research studies on pet owners revealed that human-pet interactions help in curbing loneliness and social isolation.

Every dog owner who lives alone and single-handedly takes care of it has exclaimed their joy of living with a pet. “I have never felt lonely, and whenever I am free, I even talk to my 2-year-old puppy! The way it responds by squeaking and wiggling its tails, it makes me feel listened to and understood.”- A retriever owner said.

2. Provides Emotional Support Consistently

Dogs are intensely emotionally supportive, and that’s one of the prime reasons to get a puppy. Feeling worn out after a long tiring day? Take your pup in your lap or give it a warm cuddle and see all your exhaustion fading away!

Going through a depressing phase or having an emotional breakdown? Your puppy can feel your sensitive state and will support you insanely and elusively without questioning what happened or why you’re sad.

An exploratory study by Pehle MA named “Healing relationships with companion dogs in the therapeutic process” stated that dogs provide unconditional love and support, which promotes self-acceptance in human beings.

A furry baby is always next to you or crawling up when you are emotionally down. That ought to make you feel reassured and emotionally secure! In that moment, you know you are not alone but have this little chum to help you cope with any emotions and stressful situations.

A puppy offers mental support in ways not everyone understands. Not until they adopt one! It is there to help you pass through bad days or stressful days. A human friend won’t assure that ever. Of course, every one of us has busy schedules and activities to do. But, a puppy? It will be only there for you in consistent ways and will silently help you cope with stress or sadness!

3. A Source of Happiness That Enhances Your Mental Health

A whiny little creature offers comfort simply by curling up to your lap, cuddling while you are in bed, or wagging its tiny tail at every exciting moment. Many studies proved that a dog’s presence is therapeutic and it eases anxiety and worries.

Several medical studies on dog owners showed startling effects. Minor activities like rubbing a puppy’s belly, playing, feeding, or snuggling relax tense muscles. It slows fast breathing and heart rate and controls blood pressure.

It was observed that just touching and petting this soft furry canine friend for 5-10 minutes reduces the stress hormone or cortisol and makes a person happier. That explains how a dog can significantly impact the mental well-being of a person, elevating its mood and happiness.

Ever wondered why dogs are called the man’s best friend? It’s their indescribable power to calm and soothe human beings and help them cope with a psychological crisis. A puppy will encourage you to get out of your bed and move on with your daily activities even if you don’t feel so.

Every dog needs routine care, including timely meals, weekly baths, walks or exercises, and playtime! While they need to be on a consistent routine, you cannot be unenergetic or lethargic around them, especially when you are feeling low.

No matter how you feel, pull yourself out from the bed to feed, walk, exercise, or play with your carefree friend!

This way, those cute furry companions inexplicably enhance the mental health of human beings. They are smart and tend to live in the moment, unlike most humans. When you live with such a creature, you also tend to develop the same attitude towards life and start enjoying the present!

4. Encourage Increased Levels of Physical Activity

One of the biggest benefits of having a puppy is increased movement and physical activity. Puppies are little restless creatures until you take them out for trail walks or play with them in open spaces.

They are like little toddlers who are impatient, super-active, and hard to keep at rest. Walking a dog is a must for a dog owner! It boosts their health besides making them happy. Obesity is common in pets too, which leads to serious health issues like cardiovascular disease. That’s why you need to keep your puppy physically active.

Walking a dog once a day and for some active breeds, twice a day is necessary for maintaining its fitness level. Besides, they are confined to homes all the time and are seen to jump with joy when it’s time for them to walk. They can smell the air outside, check the greeneries and commoners walking by, and perhaps interact with other pets hanging around.

After adopting a German Shepherd, an owner confirmed this as one of the motivating reasons to get a dog. “I was the most inactive person in my family home! Apart from work or errands, nobody ever could get me out of home. But, ever since my Oreo (my dog’s name) came into my life, there was no lying around and feeling lethargic. I have to take it out every morning and evening. The vet suggested it needs 2 hours of walking every day with additional playtime and obedience training. So, that’s how I got rid of my sluggish lifestyle and was involved in a lot of walking and physical activities outdoors. And, of course, that was full of fun because I wasn’t doing it alone!”

Dog owners automatically become more physically active and eventually, improve their wellbeing. You will be forced to move out every day, which will enhance your energy level, and you’ll feel better.

5. Makes You Good At Social Interactions

We bet you have never thought of this as one of the reasons to get a puppy!

Every introvert or socially awkward person who owns a dog has experienced this. Dogs are irresistibly lovable! The mere sight of those puppy eyes, plushy ears, and weeny claws is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Taking your dog with you to social events, public places, or just for walks will make you more approachable to passersby. While walking alongside a cute four-legged friend instantly draws the attention of people. Some might come up to you to pet your friend and have a sweet interaction whereas some can just smile and admire the sight of your baby hopping with you.

Putting it simply, a dog will make you amicable and likable in public and social events, and spark small to interesting conversations with strangers. Remember, how many times you have approached any dog owner and enquired about his or her pup in the neighborhood park, street, or at a friend’s gathering.

Probably, a lot of times!

Thus, when you get a puppy, you will have others coming up with great interest and willingness to start a conversation. Like-minded dog owners may also come up, and you can probably make a great friend among them to walk along in the park next time.

Again, that inevitably leaves us with the thought – a puppy is a perfect way to boost your social life, interact with strangers, and make new friends.

6. Helps You Become Responsible

This is one of the thoughtful reasons why I should get a dog or rather anyone like me with a lower sense of responsibility. The sense of responsibility does not come inherently in many, and when I was talking about this lack of mine to one friend, he said, “Get a puppy!”

Being a dog owner, he said owning a puppy will teach you responsibility in a way, no other job can. You have got a delicate living being looking up to you for its basic needs like food, water, warm cuddles, a good walk, and a comfortable sleep. Also, its mood and playfulness depend on you.

No sooner, you will find out that keeping a tiny four-legged puppy happy, lively, and comfortable takes a lot of effort. It leaves you no option but to be responsible, attentive, and punctual in fulfilling your puppy’s needs.

Dogs live on a routine. Whether it’s their meal time, morning and evening walks, or sleep - everything has to be right on time. Even their meals should be healthy and prepared with extra care ensuring they are rich in nutrition and less oil.

Most of the breeds also need trimming seasons regularly to prevent the outgrowth of furs and nails. So, don’t forget to schedule regular sessions at a pet care or salon and accompany your puppy every time to the sessions.

7. Fosters Family Bonding and Creates Memories

Well, we can’t agree more with this as one of the favorable reasons to get a puppy!

A family that stays together and also lives happily is a myth today! With uncountable responsibilities and multiple worries crippling everyone’s life, it is hard for them to live a happy and balanced family life.

People can neither devote enough time to their families nor do their hectic schedules permit them to do so. Also, the only time they are free during the day, they are indulged either in their mobiles or laptops.

A puppy can make a huge difference in a family bonding. Everyone loves a puppy! Adding a four-legged furry creature to your family will straightaway make it the most special and loved member. Each one will like to take care of it, feed it, snuggle it, and play with it.

This inevitably brings all the family members together for a reason. They sit together, interact, and even go out for picnics – all to spend some pleasant time with their little member. But, unknowingly, they make beautiful memories together!

Moreover, puppies are ideal companions for kids and a source of comfort. Parents finding it difficult to tackle the sadness, angry moods, irksome behaviors, or fears of their kids can look up to a puppy as an immediate resort. By cuddling and playing with the kids, a sweet puppy can relieve their negative emotions and make them cheerful.

8. Learn About Unconditional Love

Dogs are insanely in love with their owners! Studies show that the emotional connections they develop with their humans are unique in the entire animal kingdom. It’s even stronger than the connection between two human beings.

Whenever you get a puppy, you’ll be doubtless about this fact. With time, it will grow into an overwhelmingly cute dog and develop an unfathomable love for you.

You will never know about their unconditional love and eternal patience to wait for their owner until you hear the tale of Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog. It waited for his owner at a train station every day for 9 years, following his sudden death at work.

It waited every single day, bearing extreme heat, cold, and snowstorms of all seasons not knowing that its owner would never show up at their regular meeting place. This tale of limitless love and loyalty of a dog is famous worldwide with several movies based on it, and ‘Hachi: A Dog's Tale’ is the all-time best version!

Getting a puppy will bring an inexpressible change in your life. The feeling of being loved and wanted non-stop will be a priceless emotion for you.

Whether you leave for a whole day or a few minutes, your dog will be waiting for you. Just when you appear in front of it, see it getting all excited and wagging its tail faster. And the moment you give it a warm hug or take it in your lap, it will start smothering you with kisses and licks! Such pure and undying love is a rare feeling and you’ll be extremely lucky if you have it.

Also, getting loved by an adorable creature is perhaps one of the top reasons to get a puppy for people living alone. Spending time with this squeaky, sweet, and fluffy soul releases oxytocin and other happy hormones in the body, making you feel ecstatic.

9. Enjoy a Range of Health Benefits

Apart from being the biggest source of mood enhancers, puppies can bring a range of health benefits too.

A few studies on dog owners around the world revealed in what exact ways they assure the wellness of their owners. So, here are a few more reasons you should get a dog!

  • Dogs relieve stress and anxiety, and owners are less likely to suffer from depression.
  • People with higher blood pressure or borderline hypertension have their blood pressure gradually decreased after they get a puppy.
  • Playing and snuggling with the furry babies release serotonin and dopamine - hormones that lift the mood and help you relax.
  • Pet owners are likely to engage in more physical activities. After all, that’s why they put on a harness on them- to tag along and walk or run with these fur balls everywhere they go! It resultantly controls their cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Apart from all these health benefits of having a puppy, there are some calming effects too! Just a basic touch, fondling, or hugging your furry friend will immediately take away your tiredness or sadness, making you feel relaxed and peaceful.

10. Gives You a Sense of Security

By adopting a dog, you get a cuddle buddy for life along with added security!

While the teeny cute puppies cannot defend you physically in a situation, they can alert you earlier. If you are staying alone, your puppy will be vigilant all the time, whether you are sleeping or awake.

They sense any abnormalities in their surroundings much before human beings. So, a random sound, break-in, smoke, or fire - whatever your home or neighborhood encounters, your dog will be the first one woofing to alert all!

Needless to say, as the four-pawed friend when grow old and become a dog, you will have a more vigilant and defensive guard. Their louder barks are enough to keep away burglars and bad guys away from you!

While this is one of the reasons to get a dog, it should be the only reason for you! In no way, you can have this loyal and selfless creature for your benefit and not take care of them well.

Treat them as your family members, give them love and care, and gradually witness how they grow to become your invincible protector!

11. Brings Immense Entertainment and Joy

Having a four-pawed companion at your home means non-stop entertainment and joyful moments. Whether pups or full-grown dogs, they never stop doing amusing things. Even when your puppy is doing nothing, watching it eat, roll, and sleep is an immense joy.

Until you get a dog, you have no idea how your happiness and joy depend on a dog. It's the mere presence and naive actions that are pretty much the causes to consider getting a puppy.

Bored after a tiring day at work? This furry friend will be there unapologetically energetic, leaping and bouncing just as you enter home. Its endearing look, jolly barks, and furiously wagging tail will melt you, take away your weariness, and instantly lift your mood!

Whether it’s a family get-together or a night stay at your place with friends, your puppy will be there creating fun and frolics during the entire time.

Jumping to get into your guests’ arms! Chasing its tail! Making quirky moves by standing on just two legs! Teasing the feet or hands of your guests! Hopping funnily across the room when you play ‘throw and catch’! Whatever your furball does naturally will put a smile on your and your guests’ faces.

Puppies are amazing, always, no matter what they do. And, hence, keeping yourself happy and entertained is one of the interesting reasons to get a puppy.

12. Gives Erratic Comedic Relief All Your Life

You will never know when you’ll start to laugh harder until your belly hurts when you have this lovely companion nearby!

Puppies or dogs do the silliest things. You neither can keep calm nor shout at them. The only thing you’ll be left doing is laughing louder at their innocent and goofy activities.

Rolling eyes while you eat something in front of them without giving them! Lying on the back wanting a belly rub desperately. Kicking the ground after pooping. Furiously chasing the tail. Biting its tail or legs. Rolling around aimlessly. Sniffing veggies before eating.

Dragging butts across the floors. Staring constantly while you interact with them. Tilting its head at any confusion.

There’s so much quirky stuff that your puppies will do that will make you giggle and laugh your heart out. While you can’t question their sanity because they are intelligent too at the same time, just be thankful that they exist!

Your puppy would be your daily dose of laughter. We guarantee no single day of your life will be boring, and that’s again one of the major reasons why you should get a dog.

13. Helps Nurture Your Hobby

Dogs love the attention of their humans and will never leave their side. If you have a hobby, like mountain hiking, boating, fishing, or painting, you have to find a way to include your pet in your hobby.

In that way, you both will be happy. While you can nurture your hobby without being alone but with a snoopy buddy, your dog also gets an interesting adventure or activity to take part in.

Whether you go kayaking in a lake or fishing, having a four-legged friend right beside you with a cheery face is a novel experience to count.

For every catch, you will find it bouncing with joy. The sight will make you realize you have a constant friend to rejoice in, even on your smallest achievements!

While going kayaking, you must get your furry friend a life jacket. Watch its tails and furs meandering as you wade through the cold water and it constantly observing you with a happy face.

Even if you are painting, make the time more enjoyable for your dog by giving them a small canvas beside yours and putting a brush on its mouth. Watch it imitating your painting moves and draw on its canvas with random colors from the palette. Who knows? It can turn out to be a cute masterpiece to cherish forever!

No matter what your hobby is, practice it accompanied by your puppy, and you’ll be left with some magical memories.

14. Build a Lifelong Friendship

You get a best friend and lifelong confidant in your dog. That’s perhaps one of the biggest reasons to get a puppy.

Seeing it grow and mature to become a compassionate dog while you age is the best feeling ever. Feeling sad? Talk to it. Bored? Play with it. Depressed? Cuddle with it or lay down hugging it. More than a friend, your puppy will be often your shadow, protecting you and comforting you all the time.

You will never be alone when you get a puppy. Eating, sleeping, walking, and exercising – it will be there with you. Even when you go to the washroom, it will be right there at the door, waiting for you to come out.

Isn’t it great to have such an adorable companion all the time, never letting you be lonely or sad? Puppies have their way of loving and meddling in your space that will in no way irritate you but make you feel special.

15. Improves Your Level of Confidence

This is one of the major reasons to get a puppy for people staying alone. That’s the reason you might see them in many social events. They give them the confidence they lack while going there alone.

If I was asked why I should get a puppy, this has to be a reason on my list. For people like me who feel awkward making conversations or even greeting others at an event, the dog will be a rescuer. Having a dog with us instills the confidence to walk into the event smartly.

And, the best thing is you never have to start a conversation when you have a four-legged mate walking with you. People will instantly come up to you for a quick chat with your dog and of course you!
Not just about social events, dogs’ companionship will help to overcome or deal with any tough situation.

Whether it’s an important day at work or an urgent situation that needs your presence, take a look at your dog while leaving. Its bright and cheerful face will make you feel confident and compel you to put on a brave face while going out.

16. Enhance Your Immune System and Be Healthier

With a furry companion by your side, get a happier and healthier version of yourself!

It’s surprising though, but your puppy boosts your immunity level. Studies discovered that all dog breeds bring home a wide range of bacteria, making you exposed to them. While you won’t come in contact with those bacteria naturally, your dog makes you habituated and immune to them.

If you have toddlers or children in your family, this can be one of the great reasons to get a dog.

According to the hygiene hypothesis, early childhood exposure to pathogens and microorganisms makes them less susceptible to allergies and diseases by strengthening their immunity system.

The dander or pet hair is the biggest allergens so your babies are less likely to have allergies when they grow into adults. Puppies also carry a considerable amount of bacteria in their mouths. By kissing and licking your children’s faces, they make them immune to those bacteria too!

17. Teaches You To be Empathetic

Empathy is disappearing in humans as they are becoming more self-centric or self-indulgent.

Thankfully, dogs exist! Even a person who is least empathic will feel considerate when a poor furry puppy strolling alone in the heat or chained to a railing. The sight will give you a gentle tug, and you want to save it.

When you pet a dog who becomes your best friend eventually, you naturally become empathetic. No one can see their best friend sad, sick, bored, or injured. You happen to do everything that will make your puppy jolly, healthy, and always energetic!

You will be ready to go any limits for the well-being of your furred companion, even if that means sacrificing some of your time, rest, or sleep. That’s the influence of a dog in a human life!
On days when you feel low, your dog will cheer you up. But, on days, when it looks sad or sick, you should be the one consoling and cheering it.

Empathy is a life lesson to learn, and not everyone can develop the feeling. It hurts badly when you see any living being suffering, and so you put all your efforts into making it feel better. Parenting a dog teaches you the most important lesson of life, i.e., to be empathetic and kind to all living beings.

18. Becomes a Source of Motivation

This is one of our fondest reasons to get a puppy!

Puppies will never let you lay or sit all day, later feeling about doing nothing. Their energetic vibe will compel you to get out of bed or on our couch often and join them in their playfulness.

Breakfast time? You can’t just wake up late and let it eat whatever you have in the kitchen. Your puppy will be eagerly waiting for you to wake up and give them their special bowl of breakfast.

You can’t ever skip their potty time. Pups have a habit to poop at a particular time of the day, and you got to be free at that time. No matter what you are doing, you must take it out to the lawn or park for its potty break.

A dog hates to be static, except when they are sleeping. From chasing flies and butterflies in the garden to hurdling with their favorite toy, you can see this fur ball here and there, doing anything except sitting idle.

And, then, they also want you to be a part of its playful time! It will constantly nudge you, or howl until you get up and tag along.

There’s no way out than staying motivated and upbeat for all-day-long activities of your puppy!

19. Has Numerous Therapeutic Effects

Studies revealed that petting a puppy has numerous therapeutic effects. While they have an insane power to heal someone who is depressed or heartbroken, spending time with them is also a big stress-buster.

As per an expert veteran, getting a four-legged furry company is more effective at reducing stress than yoga or meditation. Simply cuddling with them, or touching them will elevate your mood and promote mental well-being.

Exercising, jogging, and outdoor games improve physical fitness. But, if you are blessed to do all this with a dog company, these will benefit both your physical and mental health. You spend more time with your furry friend and find yourself laughing or smiling multiple times in between those mundane activities due to their silly actions.

Also, it is impossible to be gloomy when those cute puppy eyes stare admiringly at you or its soft fur touching your hands and feet. With a mischievous furry baby around you, there’s no scope to feel tired and lethargic.

And, when we say this, count your puppy as a priceless blessing in your life! You live every day with a great mood and positivity, expelling all the negative feelings like anxiety, depression, anger, and aggression. Naturally, it makes you a calm and lively person.

20. Keeps Your Elder Family Members Happier

This is one of the relevant reasons for getting a dog in many households. Elder members or grandparents usually have to stay all alone during the day. It would be great if they had someone as a constant companion, amusing them and also protecting them.

There can be no better mate than a dog to keep your elderly grandparents hale and hearty. They may have retired from their careers, or you are staying away from them due to work.

Gifting them a dog is like giving them a new purpose. Caring for the furry baby, feeding and playing with it, and seeing it grow into a dog will be a pleasure for your grandparents. It will boost their morale, relieve boredom or loneliness, and instill a sense of optimism in them, which old people often lack.

Also, your grandparents can stay physically fit! Whether it’s walking with the puppy, taking it out for potty breaks, or playing in the park, your grandparents have to go out and keep moving.

21. Cherish a Lifelong Learning Experience

Here, comes the last of all reasons to get a puppy, according to us. It’s finding a lifelong learning experience and cherishing it.

The moment you decide to adopt a dog you will be life-changing! After the adoption, nothing will be similar to before, of course, in a positive way.

You are sheltering a tiny life and helping it grow with your care, nurturing, and love. It will be a sheer feeling of fulfillment to watch grow bit by bit every day in front and knowing that you are its only home!
Whether you are eating, sleeping, working, cooking, or walking on the lawn, that furry creature will be there to share every moment of your day.

You get a partner for life! But, most importantly, you have a confidant that teaches you all the emotional values such as empathy, kindness, love, and loyalty by being itself. In short, if you pick up a puppy and shelter it with care, it will teach you to be a better human being in return.

Found Your Reasons To Get A Puppy? Start Living a Paw-some Life!

Puppies are made to be irresistible! You can neither ignore this innocent wooly creature nor refrain yourself from touching it. Every time you have walked past a cute dog in a park or street, you either have interestingly peeped at it or went to it for a quick playful interaction. We bet every time you encountered that, you were left thinking about one thing in the head – should I get a puppy too?

To put a full stop to your inquisitive thoughts about adopting one, we have put here 21 convincing reasons to get a puppy – each one of them is purposive and meaningful. From being your 24x7 companion and biggest stress-reliever to motivating you when you’re low and improving your social life, a dog has the innate skills to alter your life in all possible good ways.

If you have found the reasons why you want a dog, go and adopt a perfect furry companion from a shelter home and embark on a paw-some life! To help in the growth journey of your furry baby, consider shopping at Doodle Couture. From sturdy step-in harnesses to flamboyant leashes and collars, you can find a varied range of dog accessories at our shop.

Our shop caters to all necessary needs of puppies and full-grown dogs, ensuring quality materials in every product that cause no harm to the furry creatures. Explore our range of products to see what your newly adopted four-legged baby needs and let it grow in full comfort!

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