It’s A Dog Date: 5 Awesome Places to Go with Your Dog

It’s A Dog Date: 5 Awesome Places to Go with Your Dog

Looking for a fun, fresh new adventure with your furry friend? We’ve got you covered!


Because as important as it is to get out there with your dog every day (especially when they’re rocking the latest pup runway styles!), it’s always nice to have a new activity to look forward to.


Going out with your dog can be a great way to explore a new part of town, meet a new group of people, or have an excuse to travel!


We launched #WeWalkTogether to celebrate and encourage the importance of community when caring for our dogs. We all have people we can lean on to ask for a walk or to dog sit for a weekend, for example.


But it’s also important to remember that your community is bigger than just your local network! There are people and pets that make up your town and city, and we’re sure they’re showing their support in new and creative ways.


So, with that, read on for five awesome ways to take your dog for a little doggie-and-me playtime!


Take Your Pup Out for A Coffee Date

While dog owners throughout the country may already know about this Starbucks secret menu item (the Puppuccino!), you don’t have to limit your dog’s café visits just to the national chains.


That’s because more and more cities are launching dog-friendly cafés. Take one of our New York favorites, Boris & Horton. What makes this pup café a must-visit? For starters, it’s a café that knows their coffee, offering their own coffee club membership and a specialty drink menu that’s the head of the pack.

But where it shines is their emphasis on putting our pups first. With a wide range of events from ice cream pop-ups, pet portrait shoots, and adoption events, Boris & Horton has made their little spot a perfect place for the Spot in your life.


Plus, as New York’s first Department of Health-approved dog café to allow dogs on the inside, this is a great place to stop by all year long, even with the weather gets a bit nippy.


And if you’re not in New York, don’t worry. For a great resource to find a dog-friendly café, hotel, or activity in your area, give Bring Fido a try!


Grab A Baked Treat for Your Good Boy

When you’re craving something sweet, where do you go?


If you’re like us, you’ll head to your local bakery to pick up a slice of pie, a cake, or a baker’s dozen of something delightful.


Now your pup can enjoy the same freshly baked sweets and treats, too, with the popularity of dog-friendly bakeries.


If you’re making your way up the Pacific Northwest, you’ve got to stop by and try The Seattle Barkery. Once there, you can let your pup go wild with Bacon Pupcakes, PB Banana Bones, PB Paw Cookies, and even Custom Hound Dog Cakes.


(Is your pup drooling yet?)


Even better, they have several locations and some mobile options too, including their Treat Truck and Treat Trailer! So, whether you’re making your way to them, or you find them at a nearby event or festival, dog-friendly treats are never too far away!


Enjoy The Sun & Sand with Your Pup

There’s nothing quite like watching your pup romp around the sand and the surf. But finding that perfect beach spot isn’t always easy, especially since rules can vary from beach to beach, county to county, and state to state.


For a good start, consider this list of the best dog-friendly beaches in the US, which includes the greatest hits of beaches in the US, from Carmel-by-the-Sea in California to Panama City Beach in Florida.


Not only is this a great way to find some gorgeous beaches nearby to enjoy some sun with your dog, but it could also be the start of planning a little weekend getaway.


After all - who’s to say your pup doesn’t deserve some R&R, too? Treat yourself!


There’s a good chance that you’ll be taking a trip, even if it’s a short one, so it’s important to be prepared. Whether you’re just making a day trip to a local beach or enjoying a longer getaway, this list from BarkPost has some handy (or paws-y!) ways to prepare your pup for a road trip.


A few takeaways about road tripping with your dog: be prepared with a doggie first aid kit, take a few test drives to get your pup comfortable with the car, and consider adding the contact info of a nearby vet clinic before you go for extra peace of mind!

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