How Social Media Is Changing How We Walk Our Pets

How Social Media Is Changing How We Walk Our Pets

It’s no surprise that dogs have taken social media by storm. Some of the biggest dog social media accounts belong to dogs like Jiffpom, Doug the Pug, Shinjiro Ono, and Mayo the Samoyed.

Apart from racking up millions of followers (and scoring brand deals that get your pup lots of free snacks), could social media be affecting how the rest of us deal with our dogs?

A study by BarkBox revealed a few years ago that adult dog owners may talk about their dog on social media up to six times a week - and 1 in 10 have an account dedicated to their dog.

So, as social media becomes a bigger part of our dog-owning experience, we were curious to see that social media could also be changing how we walk our pets.

From grabbing a cute dog harness before we head out to the park to finding same-breed meetup groups courtesy of social media, here are some of the ways social media might be having an impact.

Timing Our Walks

One thing we quickly learn when developing social media accounts for our businesses or our personal brands is the right time to post. When we post when people are using the apps, we’re more likely to get engagement. Post at the wrong time, and we can fall victim to the algorithm burying our posts under more recent content.

Could social media influencers be timing their dog walks? Consider the next time you see a post at one of these Sprout Social-approved posting times:

  • Best times to post on Instagram:
    • Mondays at 11 a.m., Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and Thursdays and Fridays 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Social Media Dog Meetups

One of the easiest ways to find groups for your pup to socialize with is by searching for their breed near you. Just take a scroll through social media until you find a meetup group at a local park, send a message, and before long, you may find yourself in the mix.

From sharing photos of your pup getting ready for the outing to videos of the dogs playing together, social media can help dog owners find other dog owners in the same area. 

Dog-Friendly Brunches

Who among us hasn’t grabbed a new outfit to wear to a Sunday brunch? Our pups are no different, and this is certainly something social media has changed.

With dog-friendly brunches throughout NYC (and, really, around the world), the temptation switches from posting photos of gourmet crepes to sharing the latest puppy accessories set. And when your pup looks this good, why not grab a couple of quick reels or TikTok videos showing them strutting on their way to the group?

If anything, social media has created more opportunities for us to create special moments with our pups. From meeting fellow dog owners to bonding over fun pup accessories, what matters is being able to honor the special bond you both have.

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