5 Ways Our Dogs Are Like Our Children

5 Ways Our Dogs Are Like Our Children

For those of us lucky enough to have dogs, we know how quickly they can become a member of the family.

The more time we spend with them, the harder it is to imagine our lives without them. From early morning walks to family trips, our pups can even begin to feel like kids.

We know each dog owner’s relationship with their pet is unique, so we wanted to take some time today to celebrate the fun ways our dogs are like our children.

1.   We Take Them On Vacation

One of the joys of having a dog is sharing new experiences with them. 

From pet-friendly vacation spots around the country to international travel, we make sure that if we’re going to get out in the world, our pups can enjoy it with us. Some sites like BringFido even make it easy for us to look up restaurants, hotels, and activities our dogs can join us for - in every state!

2.   We Dress Them Up First Day Of School Cute

Another charming part of dog ownership is bonding with our pups through fashion.

With dog harness accessories that include handsome bow ties, dog bandanas, and themed plush dog toys, we can make every occasion for going out as photogenic as that first day of school picture.

3.   We Set Up Their Play Dates

Part of raising your pup right is giving them plenty of opportunities to socialize.

Whether you set up a time each day or each week to head to the dog park, you look up local dog breed groups in your area, or you coordinate picnics with dog-loving friends, there are plenty of ways to organize a puppy play date.

4.   We Give Them Our Last Names

As a valued member of the family, your dog isn’t just Spot or Fido. They’re Spot Cunningham or Fido Jackson. 

More than just a necessity at the vet’s office, this formal naming lets our pets take their rightful place as a part of the family.

5.   We Tuck Them Into Bed Each Night

After a long day of sashaying in their cute dog harness, your pup’s likely to be tuckered out come nighttime.

Like the good dog parents we are, we want to make sure our pups have a good night’s sleep. That can mean choosing from themed beds that are comfy and cute to looking for dog beds that will support your dog’s unique size and sleeping style. With a well-rested dog, you’ll know they’ll get up each morning ready for the next adventure.

Spoiling Your Dog With Their Next Cute Dog Harness

Has your dog done well at school? Behaved during a long trip? Or had a successful play date? Show them your appreciation for their good behavior by treating them to one of Doodle Couture’s cute, modern, and affordable dog harnesses. 

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