5 Key Features of the Best Dog Harnesses

5 Key Features of the Best Dog Harnesses

The right dog harness is the best way to make walk-time with your pup a safe, fun experience for the two of you.

With so many options, sizes, and styles to choose from, it can be difficult to know how to choose.  So how can you know if the cute dog harness and leash set you’ve been eyeing is as good as it seems? We’re here to help.

Today, we’re breaking down the 5 key features that a dog harness should have.

1.   Safety First

Every conversation about the best dog harness for you and your dog needs to start with safety. Safety includes a few important areas. For one, we want to know the harness is sturdy and secure. DC harnesses, for instance, ensure that your dogs stay safe during car rides.

Another is visibility. Does that cute dog harness you’re looking at also have safety reflectors? For those early-in-the-morning and later-in-the-evening walks, having soft reflectors to increase visibility is a must.

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2.   Adjustable For Your Pup’s Comfort

A good dog harness is one you’ll be able to use for many walks, short and long, with your pup. For your peace and mind and their comfort, you’ll want to make their harness fits just right. An adjustable harness ensures you’ll always get that perfect fit (or as we like to call it, the Pawfect Fit!).

Check to make sure the dog harness is fully adjustable and you can rest assured they’ll be comfortable while using it.

3.   Easy On, Easy Off

With most dogs we know, they are excited to get going on their walks. That means you’ll want to look for a harness that’s hassle-free. The faster you can get their dog harness on them (and off at the end of the walk!), the happier they’ll be.

The best system we’ve found is a dog harness with a secure metal buckle system (avoid plastic!). Not only does that make it easier for a quick on-and-off, it’s also another layer of protection and safety for your pup.

4.   Breathable Fabrics

Making sure your pup is comfortable for longer walks and changing weather is key. The dog harness you buy can play a big part in that.

By searching for a dog harness made from premium, breathable fabric, you’ll know you’ve got a harness that can be used in many different situations.

5.   Make It A Cute Dog Harness

In our experience, even the most functional dog accessories need to have a little bit of flair. Otherwise, they stay in the drawer.

So when you’re considering dog harness accessories, visualize your daily use. Is it going to pair well with the other accessories you have? If you stop for a quick photoshoot, are you going to be excited to share the photos?

When you’ve checked off all of the important safety and comfort features of your dog’s harness, know that it’s okay to indulge in the fun, fashionable side of pet ownership, too with a cute dog harness.

Where to grab your pup’s next harness

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