3 Advantages of Using a Dog Harness

3 Advantages of Using a Dog Harness

When it comes to taking your dog for a walk, there are a few different options you can choose from when it comes to restraining them. You can use a head halter, a dog harness or a traditional collar and leash. 

However, dog harnesses have numerous benefits over the other two options. They are much more comfortable for your pup and are less likely to cause injuries to the dog's neck.

Additionally, harnesses look more stylish than collars, and here at Doodle Couture, style is our specialty! 

Here are three advantages of using a dog harness:

1. Allows You To Control Your Dog

A dog harness is a great way to control your dog when they're off-leash. You can use the harness to redirect your dog and keep them safe. If you want to redirect your dog while they're off-leash in an area where there are other dogs or people around, put on a short, modern dog leash so that you're holding onto both ends of it. This way, if other dogs approach, they'll be less likely to start barking and causing trouble.

2. It Prevents Pain and Injury

As a dog owner, you know your pet will pull when they're not on a leash. But did you know that this pulling can cause pain and injury? 

A harness keeps your dog from pulling against the collar, neck, and spine. Also, it prevents the dogs from getting tangled up in their leash or collar. It also helps with pulling on the leash itself because it keeps them from being able to slip under it while they're still attached to your hand.

3. Enhances Safety on Walks, Runs or Hikes

If you're walking in a crowded place, a dog harness can enhance your dog's safety from other dogs, traffic and other hazards. 

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After learning a little more about the benefits of a dog harness, we hope you will consider choosing a harness for your pup! 

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