10 Summer Style Tips from Your Dog


It’s your dog!

If you’re looking for confidence, glamour, and a droolworthy yet cruelty-free fur coat, you would do well to heed the sage fashion advice of your friendly neighborhood four-legged fashionista.


karl lagerfeld style quote fur sm


Sunglasses Are Always in Style

pug sunglasses


Don’t Be Afraid to Stand Out

one in every pack


Edit Your Closet Regularly

shoe thief


anna wintour style quote competition


Try a Pop of Color

pit bull blue eye pop of color


Don’t be Afraid to Mix Your Prints

dalmatian pop of color collar



coco chanel asia kinney style quote

Lady Gaga’s bulldog Miss Asia Kinney

Confidence and a Smile Are Your Most Fabulous Accessories

confident smile beauty style


The Classics Never Go Out of Style

preppy bow tie golden retriever

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